Sexual Etiquette

Lately when it comes to casual dating it literally seems like a jungle out there. Poor manners, low standards, flakes and fakes. I’ve encountered it all. Listen in as I, in true “Curious Girl” style, cut right through the BS.

Dirty Little Secrets

My favorite girl Mickey is back! We are getting into some deep waters. It’s one of those conversations where we both pull hidden truths out of each other. I still can’t believe I’m going to publish this. Better listen quickly before I change my mind and take it down! 🔥🔥

Podcast PMS

On this episode I’m talking about PMS, revenge porn, guys that can’t cum and I do a little dick shaming. I get a ticket going 89 mph and there’s a whole lot more to that sorry!

My First Time With A Prostitute Part 1

Many wonder about prostitution. It’s in’s and out’s, how you get started, and what happens when you fall in love? Well, this week on TCGD, I’m happy to sit down with a sex worker and ask all of these questions. What surprised me the most was how much I related to her as a woman.…

Sexual Road Trip 100 Day Recap Throwback

Here’s a throwback from 2016, yep all the way back there! My first 100 days of my sexual road trip. I heard some nick names I’d forgotten and had to jog my memory on. All the while other things and people are exactly the same even after all this time. I’m still asking myself, just…