How Do I Taste?

Ever wonder what it’s like for the guys who date me when we first meet? Well today you get to find out because I’m getting to the bottom of it! I have “Goldie” on only a few weeks after we first consummated things. I get to ask him, very unbiasedly, what it’s like to experience…

Goldie Cocks

Well I’ve officially had my Florida cherry popped. I’m very excited to be back in the swing of things as I’m on the hunt for new sex partners. Is there such a thing as the perfect cock, or cock size? I may have stumbled on it! Listen in as I describe my first encounter with…

My First Time With A Prostitute Part 1

Many wonder about prostitution. It’s in’s and out’s, how you get started, and what happens when you fall in love? Well, this week on TCGD, I’m happy to sit down with a sex worker and ask all of these questions. What surprised me the most was how much I related to her as a woman.…

Legendary Blow Jobs Part 3

Part 3 with a Master Oralist, in the blow job series, and at this point we are about to make our man cum. We are getting very technical and breaking down two top rated finishing moves. With these techniques you will absolutely send your partner into ecstasy! 🍾🍾🍾

Legendary Blowjobs Part 2

Part 2 with a Master Oralist, in the blow job series, and this time we are deep into the technical phase. We break down the blueprint to dick sucking. The techniques you can use to absolutely drive your partner wild! How to grow, progress and become a master oralist yourself!