The Fvcking Anticipation

Finally feeling settled and back into serious dating mode. It’s fun and exciting and reminiscent of when I first started The Curious Girl Diaries. Love the flirting, the hot sex and whatever is to come! A whole new chapter is starting…… Thank you for supporting my affiliates who help keep this show FREE: CBD Sex…

Small Nips Small Dicks

There’s a lot going on in this episode. Have you always wanted to sleep with “The Curious Girl”? You may have your chance. And an actual road trip coming up you may want to join?? What it feels like when he says he’s proud of you. I’ve got input from some great listeners. Being horny…

Reigniting That Sexual Fire

I’m responding to some great input from my listeners! I love the feedback I get and I’m highlighting that and commenting on it. Also, big reveal, I’m planning another fun vacation in Costa Rica in the fall and I’m sharing the details if anyone wants to come hang out with me!! Check out Paradise and…

Seeing A Sex Worker

I have the winner of March’s Podcast Review Contest on and she has some great stories to tell. My listeners just have the best sex lives! Have you ever wanted to hire a sex worker for a threesome? Well, listen in because that’s exactly what I’m talking about today. 🔥🔥🔥

My Sexy Past

This episode combines excerpts from 3 separate episodes from year one. Go back to where it all started. See what I was trying to accomplish, where I ended, who made an impact, and what I was still looking for more of sexually.