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Q&A Year 4 Round 1

The first Q&A of year 4! Talking about all kinds of sexy things; like blowjobs, hot and heavy make outs, dirty wet panties, and my definition of a D/s relationship.

100 Feels Damn Good

Episode 100! I make a big announcement for what’s coming in year four for The Curious Girl Diaries. I’ve got threesomes on the brain. Bad one liners guys give me and the most interesting dick pic I’ve ever received.

2020 Sexcapades

My guest and I discuss our 2020 sex goals, dating turn ons, getting dripping wet, my favorite new dildo, MY dominant side, NYE plans and what’s holding me back from a FMF threesome.

My Dominant and I

Cowboy N and I do our last interview of 2019. We discuss all aspects of my submission. How he knew I was submissive, why I need this, why he chose me, the best and worst part of being my dominant, and why the connection between us is so deep.