Some Strings Attached

Have you heard of NSA sex? What do you think of it? When I started this sexual road trip years ago I got introduced to the concept. I still feel the same about it as I did back when I first recorded episode 48. If you’re going to stick your dick, or anything for that…

The Dominant Man

I’ve got two big announcements on this podcast you won’t want to miss!! A little upcoming vacation/sexcation talk, throw in a great masturbation session, some talk about dominant men, and my two surprises and that’s a wrap for episode. XOXO Here’s the lube I mention, try it and tell me how YOU like it! Click…

Seeing A Sex Worker

I have the winner of March’s Podcast Review Contest on and she has some great stories to tell. My listeners just have the best sex lives! Have you ever wanted to hire a sex worker for a threesome? Well, listen in because that’s exactly what I’m talking about today. 🔥🔥🔥

Feeling Sexy As FU*K

Spring is here and I’m horny as fuck! Is everyone else feeing it too….. don’t you just want to rip the clothes off of someone that really makes you hot? I’ve got the itch, I need it scratched. 🔥🔥

All Roads Lead To Anal

You know when two girls get to talking you never know what we will reveal. This is a mixture of relationships, how much we love our pussies, celibacy, and of course anal sex. Get us talking and eventually we get to ass eating and anal sex.