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2020 Sexcapades

My guest and I discuss our 2020 sex goals, dating turn ons, getting dripping wet, my favorite new dildo, MY dominant side, NYE plans and what’s holding me back from a FMF threesome.

Red Light Running

Watch out this episode gets raunchy, funny, bitchy, maybe even a little bit gross as I go over what just recently became a dating deal breaker for me. You just never know what my special guest and I will say.

The Used Collar

In a hot debate, Sir Inq and I discuss the idea of a used collar. Would I accept a used collar from a dominant? This proves to be one of the most passionate debates between Sir Inq and I as well as both of our listeners. This proves to be a very divisive and passionately…

My Interrogation with Sir

I get interrogated with questions by Sir Inq. We get down and dirty on several sexy subjects; we even talk about LOVE. Yes, we are going there! If you want the intimate scoop on Layla this is one episode you shouldn’t miss.

Truth Or Truth With Sir

Sir Inq and I sit down and answer a ton of questions. Our absolute hell no’s in the bedroom, subs not being monogamous, collaring a sub yes or no, turn ons and turn offs, who’s dicking who down or not and a whole lot more.