BDSM My New Happy Place Throwback

Going way back into the archive to when I first started to realize how much I enjoyed BDSM. I truly had no idea how far I would go with it at that point. I was just beginning to be aware of the things that were opening up inside me.

Ghosts, Disclosure and Masturbation Throwback

Here’s a throwback episode my listeners voted on to hear again. I added additional updates to contrast where I was then to where I am now. This episode is worth a second listen, or get all the original content plus current insights if it’s your first time!

New Beginnings

Happy New Year! End of year surprises, what’s on the horizon for me sexually moving into 2021. Clearly some chapters have ended but others are starting. Are you ready for year 5 of The Curious Girl?? I promise, it’s only going to get better! ❤️

Encounters With Cowboy N Throwback

The first of several episodes voted on by my listeners to do again as a Throwback episode. This was originally episode 69 and it took the top spot. I’ve added additional bonus commentary to the beginning and end of the episode. It’s full of sex talk and will probably make you hotter the second time…

I Crave Your Cum

The title does kind of speak for itself. 😈 I’m going into all the reasons I love and crave cum. Why it turns me on so much. Where I prefer if and who’s I prefer!