Understanding The Dominant Submissive Dynamic

By Layla London | June 12, 2021

Part 1 of my conversation with two Dominants. This really got my blood pumping and my head spinning. We’re breaking down the basic foundation of BDSM and the D/s dynamic. Common misconceptions about this lifestyle. The bond between a Dominant and his sub. And of course the Kink! What are your thoughts? Leave me a…

2021 Sexual Trends

By Layla London | June 9, 2021

As we, hopefully, are coming out of this pandemic and things begin to loosen up here are some of the predicted sexual trends. It’s said that more people will come out as bisexual, ditch their current partner if they’ve been stuck with the wrong one, pegging will be on the rise and more sexual adventures…

Q&A Year 5 Round 3

By Layla London | June 5, 2021

I love the questions my listeners ask me. This time I’m giving advice to a man who wants to explore cross dressing, what do you do with a used collar, handling flakes and fakes in the dating world, penis size, how wet should a woman’s vagina get and listening to me having sex. LINKS: Foria…

Homemade Porn

By Layla London | June 1, 2021

Have you ever made your own porn? I love my homemade porn and I’m going to share every fun detail about my personal collection. Don’t miss out on making your own hot homemade porn and I’ll throw in a few tips for you! Of course you’ll need a great lube and something to make you…

Some Strings Attached

By Layla London | May 29, 2021

Have you heard of NSA sex? What do you think of it? When I started this sexual road trip years ago I got introduced to the concept. I still feel the same about it as I did back when I first recorded episode 48. If you’re going to stick your dick, or anything for that…

Small Nips Small Dicks

By Layla London | May 25, 2021

There’s a lot going on in this episode. Have you always wanted to sleep with “The Curious Girl”? You may have your chance. And an actual road trip coming up you may want to join?? What it feels like when he says he’s proud of you. I’ve got input from some great listeners. Being horny…

The Dominant Man

By Layla London | May 22, 2021

I’ve got two big announcements on this podcast you won’t want to miss!! A little upcoming vacation/sexcation talk, throw in a great masturbation session, some talk about dominant men, and my two surprises and that’s a wrap for episode. XOXO Here’s the lube I mention, try it and tell me how YOU like it! Click…

It’s Hard Out There For a Pimp

By Layla London | May 19, 2021

Being a female who likes casual relationships and good sex can be hard to navigate. Especially in the world of online dating. Today I’m opening up my “Stupid Shit Guys Say Folder” and sharing the contents. This episode is guaranteed to be entertaining!!

Reigniting That Sexual Fire

By Layla London | May 15, 2021

I’m responding to some great input from my listeners! I love the feedback I get and I’m highlighting that and commenting on it. Also, big reveal, I’m planning another fun vacation in Costa Rica in the fall and I’m sharing the details if anyone wants to come hang out with me!! Check out Paradise and…

Vacation Sex

By Layla London | May 8, 2021

I’m in Jamaica and it’s all about vacation sex! Also I have a special guest on this episode who also happens to be my roomie while I’m at this yoga retreat in paradise. Let me introduce you to Miss Medinah Monroe, who by the way, has her own sexy podcast that I’ve listened to before…