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True Confessions

By Layla London | January 19, 2020

Sometimes you just gotta let it fly. Letting out some of my dirty little secrets from 2019.

2020 Sexcapades

By Layla London | December 30, 2019

My guest and I discuss our 2020 sex goals, dating turn ons, getting dripping wet, my favorite new dildo, MY dominant side, NYE plans and what’s holding me back from a FMF threesome.

My Dominant and I

By Layla London | December 23, 2019

Cowboy N and I do our last interview of 2019. We discuss all aspects of my submission. How he knew I was submissive, why I need this, why he chose me, the best and worst part of being my dominant, and why the connection between us is so deep.

Red Light Running

By Layla London | December 17, 2019

Watch out this episode gets raunchy, funny, bitchy, maybe even a little bit gross as I go over what just recently became a dating deal breaker for me. You just never know what my special guest and I will say.

Love And Sex

By Layla London | December 9, 2019

In this episode I’m going there……… it’s all about the “L” word. Am I in love? Will I be monogamous? My special guest and I dig deep into all things love in my life.

Q&A Year 3 Round 4

By Layla London | December 6, 2019

Another round of listener questions and comments. In this episode I cover thick juicy cocks, hairy pussy, fake doms, the D/s connection, and the “L”word.

The Used Collar

By Layla London | December 2, 2019

In a hot debate, Sir Inq and I discuss the idea of a used collar. Would I accept a used collar from a dominant? This proves to be one of the most passionate debates between Sir Inq and I as well as both of our listeners. This proves to be a very divisive and passionately…

In The Big Easy With Cowboy N

By Layla London | November 29, 2019

After three years Cowboy N and I are still in total lust.  This visit to the Big Easy has us venturing into a swingers club, I go even deeper into my submission, and experience some of the wettest hottest moments I’ve ever had with him.

The Need

By Layla London | November 24, 2019

In a recent encounter with Cowboy N, I’m again finding myself in an altered state of mind. My body is reacting in ways that I don’t fully understand. Listen in as I ry to explain WTF is happening to me.

Girl Crush

By Layla London | November 11, 2019

What happens when two hot podcasting chicks get together?? Listen in and find out. We cover big dicks, hairy pussy, pole dancing, prostitution, oral sex and a whole lot more!