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Who’s In My Box

By Layla London | November 14, 2020

Back after a slight hiatus! Let me bring you up to speed on what’s been going on, what I’ve been up to and listen as I catch up on who’s on my inbox.


By Layla London | October 18, 2020

All the fun sex toys I love to use on myself. Can’t sleep, masturbate. Are you bored, masturbate. Don’t want to go get ready to go out on a date, masturbate. And all the fun things I use masturbation for.

Straight Talk With Sir Volume 3

By Layla London | October 10, 2020

Sir inQ and I are dishing some straight talk again. We go back over ass eating vs. licking because it’s just too good to let go! My least favorite thing that random guys ask me for. I got approached by a “sugar daddy” and why I find this so fascinating. And finally how BDSM has…

Q&A Year 4 Round 5

By Layla London | October 7, 2020

Another Q&A session with amazing questions from my listeners. I’m covering how to get your significant other to take on more of a submissive role, threesomes, cuckholding, how to get to know me better, BDSM and a whole lot more.

Submission 101

By Layla London | October 2, 2020

I’m going deeper into trying to define my submissiveness and what I need moving forward. Getting back to basics on the Dominant submissive dynamic. I’m opening up, and exposing my current point of view on what I really need and why.

Sexual Censorship

By Layla London | September 26, 2020

Getting into all the censorship I see going on around me and have been experiencing lately. Why are nipples, vaginas, penises, and varying opinions so offensive? Also going deep with women and intimacy; how your communication style can help you “slut it up” in the bedroom.

Good Girls Eat Ass

By Layla London | September 22, 2020

Girl talk with my favorite female guest “Mickey”. We get deep into ass eating vs. ass licking……. which one are you really doing? All about the female orgasm and how guys can be better lovers. Plus some deep Curious Girl confessions at the end…… don’t miss this episode!

Hooking Up Online

By Layla London | September 15, 2020

The Do’s and Don’ts of online dating. What I look for, how to avoid getting ghosted, what to say to get the best response, what not to do and say, and how to make your profile stands out. If you’re on any dating app or online hookup site you need to listen to this episode.

Straight Talk With Sir Volume 2

By Layla London | September 12, 2020

Episode 2 in the Straight Talk With Sir Series and we are covering some fun relationship topics: Sex with your eyes open Vs. shut, getting out of your head and not ruining things, Hookups, your stroke game and a whole lot more. Grab a drink, get comfy and join us for some straight talk!

Second Time’s A Charm

By Layla London | September 6, 2020

Down and dirty details of my most recent encounter. A lot of dirty talk, sweating, animalistic fucking that happens after I take control. I’m really getting into what can make sex fucking amazing even tough it’s casual.