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Blow Jobs

By Layla London | June 7, 2017

Need I say more? Come on, the title says is all!

Unsolicited Dick Pics

By Layla London | June 7, 2017

In the online dating world of hookup sites men seem to love to send you pictures of what’s in their pants. No hi, hello, how are you or what’s your name? Just bam here’s what I’m working with.

Friends With Benefits

By Layla London | June 6, 2017

FWB’s, do they really exist? Is it sustainable? Why is this so hard to find and keep over time?

The Balance Between Men And Women

By Layla London | June 4, 2017

The male female dynamic, male female gender rolls roles and my perspective on that in the dating world.

The “V” Word

By Layla London | May 29, 2017

The uncomfortable side effect of what I’m doing. Sometimes you get pushed into places you don’t want to be.

“BE” And Me

By Layla London | May 24, 2017

BE and I sit down for a personal and revealing interview.

Q & A Round 2

By Layla London | May 16, 2017

Listeners’ questions and comments answered.

Swallowing, Surrendering, And Names You Never Knew You Had

By Layla London | May 3, 2017

My thoughts on blow jobs, relaxing and letting go, and being called the wrong name.

My Sexual Bucket List

Updated Sex Bucket List

By Layla London | April 27, 2017

All the fun sexy things on my list I’ve crossed off, and things I still want to do.

Can I Be Submissive?

By Layla London | April 26, 2017

After a slight call out by Cowboy N I find myself questioning what I want and can I truly submit to someone?