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Hooking Up Online

By Layla London | September 15, 2020

The Do’s and Don’ts of online dating. What I look for, how to avoid getting ghosted, what to say to get the best response, what not to do and say, and how to make your profile stands out. If you’re on any dating app or online hookup site you need to listen to this episode.

Straight Talk With Sir Volume 2

By Layla London | September 12, 2020

Episode 2 in the Straight Talk With Sir Series and we are covering some fun relationship topics: Sex with your eyes open Vs. shut, getting out of your head and not ruining things, Hookups, your stroke game and a whole lot more. Grab a drink, get comfy and join us for some straight talk!

Second Time’s A Charm

By Layla London | September 6, 2020

Down and dirty details of my most recent encounter. A lot of dirty talk, sweating, animalistic fucking that happens after I take control. I’m really getting into what can make sex fucking amazing even tough it’s casual.

Q&A Year 4 Round 5

By Layla London | August 25, 2020

Answering questions from my listeners and doing my best to give real world advice. I’m covering tease and denial, MFM threesomes, prostate orgasms, D/s dynamics, lack of desire in relationships, and my personal relationship status. Lot’s of juicy details you don’t want to miss.

Straight Talk With Sir

By Layla London | August 16, 2020

In this episode Sir inQ and I are diving into numerous sexy topics; dating today, dating red flags, and “ugly fucking” just to name a few! It’s our usual straight forward, NSFW approach to sex and relationships.

Communication Is Key

By Layla London | August 8, 2020

This recent sexual encounter with a new partner got me wet, but also got me thinking. As I venture out and explore more sexually I’m crossing paths with many styles of play. A true Dominant versus domineering; were is the line? In this recent episode I’ve definitely crossed it, or hit the grey zone.

Sunday Fun Day

By Layla London | July 28, 2020

I just love Sex on Sunday don’t you? I spend some time with a hot new guy and I can’t wait to describe his oral skills…… amazing! We were both satisfied multiple times. Want more details? Listen to this latest episode.

Somebody New

By Layla London | July 23, 2020

Listen into my latest encounter with somebody new. Lots of hot fun in a hotel room when things are raw and exciting! I love then new exciting sexiness of a new partner!!

Q&A Year 4 Round 4

By Layla London | July 11, 2020

I’m back answering questions from listeners. I answer the most bizarre question I’ve ever been asked so far! I’m talking about how a guy can get my attention, sex in public, how I try improve my sex moves, how soon to sleep with a guy, and the strange ways guys approach me.

All The Things I Want To Know About Men

By Layla London | June 7, 2020

My guest answers all my questions about men. We cover recent dates I’ve had, I get into what men are really thinking about women, what’s hot and what’s not to them. We cover some really sexy primal stuff about sex; this is one episode you don’t want miss!