Legendary Blowjobs Part 2

By Layla London | February 17, 2021

Part 2 with a Master Oralist, in the blow job series, and this time we are deep into the technical phase. We break down the blueprint to dick sucking. The techniques you can use to absolutely drive your partner wild! How to grow, progress and become a master oralist yourself!

Stay The Night With Me

By Layla London | February 13, 2021

As I have found myself more relaxed about having guys over to my house I’m also becoming more “ok” with spending the night together. Things once reserved for a very select few I’m starting to lighten up about. Or am I? Time will tell but listen to this episode and see how my first sleep…

Legendary Blowjobs Part 1

By Layla London | February 11, 2021

I’m deep-diving with a master oralist all about my favorite subject…….. blow jobs. I’m going from A to Z in this three part series covering all aspects of giving good head. Listen in to part one on how to get your head in “the head game”.

Afternoon Delight

By Layla London | February 9, 2021

TJ comes over to my place for a nooner. As usual he does not disappoint. Lots of sexy video was taken. Since you can’t watch it, it’s for our eyes only, listen in on this episode and I’ll tell you what’s on there!!

The Cuckoldress

By Layla London | February 4, 2021

Listen to this interview with Venus, a cuckoldress, it’s one of the best talks I’ve had in a long time. Venus answers my questions as well as questions sent in from my podcast listeners. We are getting right down to the nitty gritty of cuckolding. What it is and why it’s so freaking hot! And…

A Fantastic Fuck

By Layla London | February 3, 2021

The first time you have sex with someone new it’s usually a little awkward and not always the best either of you can do. But this first time experience was fun, sexy and downright hot. Don’t miss this episode as I go into all the details you love to hear! This one is definitely NSFW.

Sexual Healing Throwback

By Layla London | January 30, 2021

Here’s a throwback from 2018. All the ways you can get lost in sex and sexuality. Sometimes it’s to cope or avoid. Other times it’s to console or make you really feel something. You can use it to get lost or awaken to something profoundly deeper. This episode I’m super exposed and reveal how sex…

Q&A Year 5 Round 1

By Layla London | January 27, 2021

The first Q&A of 2021. Let’s get into blowjobs, cuckolding, if I’m looking for another Dom, new guys I’m seeing, and how I’m going to get that bucket list knocked off!

BDSM My New Happy Place Throwback

By Layla London | January 23, 2021

Going way back into the archive to when I first started to realize how much I enjoyed BDSM. I truly had no idea how far I would go with it at that point. I was just beginning to be aware of the things that were opening up inside me.

Mutual Masturbation

By Layla London | January 20, 2021

What would you if you got a call for a FaceTime masturbation session while you’re working out? Well if you’re me you take it and you DO it! Listen in on this weeks episode for all the details.