About Me

Most people who know me would probably be very shocked to find out what I was up to.  


The perception of me is a successful, attractive, woman with her shit together.  Not entirely untrue, however I can become so focused on certain areas of my life that I neglect others.  That's how you go 3.5 years with no sex.  Those days are over! I'm bringing my sexy back and then some.

So why am I blogging and podcasting about this?? Who the heck knows! I tend to get an idea in my head and go for it!  I'm a pit bull in panties and nothing stops me when I really want to do something.  Something is driving the need to share this experience and put it out there!

Get ready to talk about my sex life, sex in general and everything in between in fun, overly revealing, explicit detail. I'm striking out on my “sexual road trip” scratching things off my sex bucket list.

If you read this and think you know who I am please keep it to yourself.  Obviously I have a family (if you get wind of this sorry Mom!) and don't want to embarrass them, or have any business associates  aware of my "naughty" side.

I'd love your feedback! Go to the Contact Me page to tell me what you think.



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