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The Curious Girl Diaries Private Podcast Is Finally Here!

After six years of hosting The Curious Girl Diaries Podcast, I'm digging deep into the vault and revealing never before insights, facts, and confessions about my six years of sexual adventures. Plus ongoing and current juicy facts I leave on the cutting room floor.  If you love my syndicated show you are going to love this intimate and private side even more. So if you can't get enough of the curious girl and you want even more; you're in the right place!

$14.99/Per Month

What Subscribers To The Private Podcast Get:   

  • Four private episodes a month published every Friday

  • Revealing excerpts from my private audio journal

  • What happens after the show and I'm still recording

  • Ad free content

  • The inside scoop on who's been naughty and who's been naughtier!

  • Bombshells I've kept to myself

  • Things I'm ready to talk about with a more intimate group of listeners

  • Additional "surprise bonus" content so hot it makes me blush!


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