Sensual Massage

Mar 11, 2017

Quinoa is very sexy and I’m very excited when he invites me over for a sensual massage. Ummmm…… hell yes! It’s unbelievably sexy to me that he’s willing to take his time and be so sensual……. major turn on! TJ gave me one and it was amazing and we had a great session after! What I know are these massages really get me going! And on this night I wasn’t wrong!

Quinoa has me over and makes this really amazing salad for us. It was delicious. We eat, have some wine, and some good conversation. I’m very excited to get my massage. We proceed with the kissing and the clothes are coming off. He’s very complimatarty to me when viewing my body as his eyes are roaming up and down the landscape of me. Nothing makes a woman feel better than to know a man is turned on by her visually. I love when a man who vocalizes this. I can never hear or get enough of it. It gets me excited to know that he is pleased with me. I’m equally as pleased with Quinoa’s body…… he’s very very sexy.

I get on the bed face down. He grabs his massage oil and starts to work on my back and neck and shoulders. He’s touching me just the right way. Sometimes he touches me with just the tips of his finger tips and that makes me draw in my breath and shiver with excitement. He’s moving down to my waist line and I’m getting more and more excited for where his hands will go next. My skin feels electric and tingles everywhere he touches me. I’m already dripping wet with anticipation. I can’t wait for him to start teasing my pussy. I’m getting more and more turned on the closer he gets. I start to moan and sigh very quietly and my body twits a little bit with excitement. The oil makes his hands glide smoothy as he explores my body. Finally he moves his hands very lightly on, around, and to the sides of my aching pussy……. oh my god I’m so fucking turned on. The more he does this the more I’m dying inside… just aching for that cock. This foreplay is killing me. He passes by my throbbing clit ever so tentatively each time. This goes on for quite some time; oh my god he’s teasing me so good.

Finally I can’t take it any more. I have got to fuck right now! I look back over my shoulder and tell him to “lay down, I’m going to get on top of you and cum in two seconds flat”. I can’t get on him fast enough. I want that throbbing cock in me now!! I get into just the right position, I’ve got his cock all the way in me I’m arched back and move my hips back and forth as I grind his cock right at the base of my pussy and against my gspot. This feels unfucking believable. I reach down and start to stimulate my clit. I’m practically coming before I even get my hand in place. I’m coming hard and fast and the moaning I’m making is loud and deep. It causes me to arch forward and shrug my shoulders it’s so strong I can’t hold myself up. Holy fuck that was intense!

I give him a very pleased long stare with a sinister smile. I know what I want next. I get off him and start to stroke and lick that delicious cock. I focus on the tip at first, I love to lick suck and tease it. My hands are stroking the base and shaft slowly as I watch his reaction. I start to play with his balls as I slowly let my mouth glide farther down the shaft. He’s rock hard and my greedy mouth can’t get enough. I’m salivating all down his cock as I’m starting to take it deeper in my mouth. I go as far as I can with out gagging and still holding pressure with my tongue and the roof of my mouth. He’s getting more and more excited and I can feel him tensing up. If I could talk I’d be saying “cum for me”, but it’s running through my head and I’m sure its affecting my energy level as Im stroking tighter, gripping the base, increasing the speed and pressure with my mouth. He’s ready to cum and I can’t wait. He shoots all that hot sticky cum into my mouth and I swallow it all down like the greedy little girl that I am………

So the moral of the story is hey, start with a sensual massage. The recipient just might suck you dry for it! : )

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