Squirting, Valentines and Moonshine

Mar 08, 2017

I’m finding it hard to write about Cowboy N. I think he’s way more easy to podcast about than write……… not sure I can do it justice. This is a crazy combination of things and quite unexpected. First off Cowboy N is 29! I seriously thought 30 was my limit. I really tried/wanted him to “self-eliminate” in the beginning but that didn’t happen. Purely over the age thing but this guy is truly and old soul, if ever there was one. Still though, I do feel very “Mrs. Robinson-ish”. It’s not over coming my insatiable desire to want to fuck him over and over though. He is the first guy to make me squirt (Bucket list item!!), which I still think is fucking crazy!! Also, he reminds so much of someone from my past. I get that type of personality; there’s a funny banter and teasing that makes you hot for that person physically and mentally. It’s very fun to be in it.

I have seen Cowboy N three times now and each encounter is HOT. So, I’m going to combine them rather than write 3 separate posts. Each encounter has been so fucking hot but different. This guy has so many layers…….. omg I want more!

The first thing I noticed about cowboy N was his hands…… I fucking love a man’s hands! His are big and I love them all over me; whether it’s firm and forceful or gentle. Either way him touching me gets me hot and wet. Our first encounter was meeting for dinner and a scheduled fuck session afterwards. We got started late on the fuck session but it was worth the wait. Cowboy N is strong. And I love the way he tossed me around like I’m 5’2. He flips me into various positions and then gives me a firm smack on the ass. The perfect kind of smack, great sound and even better sting! His kissing is amazing and his oral skills are so fucking hot. This guy is good!!

We start our first encounter with the clothes flying off. He’s immediately going down on me. My pussy is vibrating with lust. It’s an instant signal to my brain that shuts off anything else other than how my clit is throbbing and is ready for release. He’s got his fingers inside of me…. oh shit that’s exactly what I need. He starts pressing really hard and fast upwards, I’m moaning and at the same time wondering was is going on. He’s now sucking/biting on my nipples which gets me going like nothing else. I’m feeling a pressure/pleasure that’s unfamiliar. Holy shit I feel like I have to pee. I’m gazing up at him and I can see he’s perfectly in control and has an intention. I’m trying to fight that “I have to pee feeling” which a few seconds before didn’t exist. It’s so pleasurable the pressure, but confusing as I feel I will pee the bed. He wins out, as he’s more in control of my own body than I am. I start to squirt all over the place. I can’t fucking believe it, I’ve just squirted! I’m officicailly now a squirter, boom just like that. Some 29 year old knows more about your body than you do. My body bends to his desire……. so fucking hot! He makes this happen two more times that night and I’m shocked how easily he does it. Thank god I get to go home to my ‘dry” bed spread at the end of the night.

Our second encounter was on Valentines day. I don’t get caught up in the day itself… it’s a hallmark holiday. We have dinner and he proceeds to beat me at a few games of pool. I don’t mind one bit. All I can think about is him fucking me. This little foreplay is only getting me hotter for what’s to cum! I’m so turned on tonight…….. maybe it was watching him get ready and put clothes on before we went out…… all I’m thinking about is riding on that hard fucking cock. At this stage in my life I feel like the wind blows and I’m horny, I wake and I’m horny, I masturbate all the time and I love a good fuck. I imagine this is what a 15 year old boy feels like; literally dizzy with horniness. I have sex and lust coursing through my veins and when I have someone in my presence who turns me on wetness literally drips from my pussy. I’m dripping tonight for sure during dinner and the pool games. At one point I cross my legs and can feel the seam of my jeans rubbing my clit in just the right way. This is fun in traffic to pass the time, but here in public, I quickly decide this might bring unwanted attention to me, lol.

We get back to Cowboy N’s room and he lays an amazing kiss on me. He picks me up while he’s kissing me. I wrap my long legs around that tall strong body. You have no idea how fucking hot it is to be picked up while you are making out. This is why I love tall men; they are strong and make me feel feminine. This kind of stuff goes straight to my “girl brain”(girl brain= my normal brain sans anything complicated), not gonna lie, and then shoots down to my clit and makes it throb. This is what quiets the “pit bull in panties” and turns me into a calmer, dare I say “submissive” girl. Like ok, I’m usually a type A but I get to take that hat off thank god!

Cowboy N finally puts me back down. I’m dragging my fingernails slowly down his chest to his abs then to his waist band. I love to tease and stick my fingers lightly into his waist band just missing his rock hard cock that I’m dying to set free. I did get a little feel of the precum as my fingertip barely grazed the head of his cock. I’m biting on his chest and nipple…… I love to give little bites and slowly increase the pressure to see how far I can go with it. Before I know it my shirt is off and so is my bra……. with one hand; god that’s so fucking hot! My jeans and undies soon follow and finally, god fucking finally, his mouth is right where I want it! He’s sucking and licking my clit so good my head is swimming. I can focus on nothing but that. Then I get the fingers in me at the same time, moving in and out like I’m being fucked slowly. I’m on fucking fire right now. Then I feel that pressure, it snaps me out of my ecstasy haze, holy shit he’s going to make me squirt. It literally takes him 5 seconds or less once “he” decides he wants me to squirt for my pussy to comply. It’s unbelievable the control he has, yet there it is…. a huge wet spot on the comforter and spatters on my inner right thigh.

He proceeds to slide that hard thick cock inside me. Why is that the the best feeling ever, the moment when it first goes in, especially after you’ve been dying for it, lusting for it all day! God I love those few seconds! The feeling of it going in and out as he’s pushing my legs back. He bends down and sucks on my nipples…. I can’t fucking take it, I’m instantly cuming on his cock. My greedy little tight pussy needs more though, and he’s got my legs up with my feet on either side of his face. He’s holding on to my ankles. My hips are tipped up and he’s thrusting and grinding deep into me. Fuck it feels so good that cock is pressing into my gspot, rubbing right on it over and over. Oh shit I’m going to cum again; I tell cowboy N to “fuck me harder”. I love it hard when I’m cuming!

I quickly get flipped over and think Cowboy N is going to fuck me doggie style. He enters me that way but then puts his left arm around my hip bones and his right arm across my chest with his hand around my neck. He positions me upright with his big cock pressing fully up in to my dripping cumy pussy. Oh shit I know what’s coming…… he’s going to pound my pussy till he cums. Even though this hurts, there is something so fucking primal and hot about it. I couldn’t stop him right now, not that I’d even want to, but he’s so in control as he’s fucking me hard. The force of it is making me want to bend forward to relieve some of the pressure but he’s not letting me squirm out of it. I can feel his cock getting even harder and growing inside me. He’s gripping my neck so tightly and fucking me so hard and deep, I’m so turned on but agonizing a little too. I guess this is what’s meant by there is pleasure in pain. It’s true, I’m here to tell you. The moment he cums is euphoric for me too. Not long after I’m redressing my self ready to head home. Later he teases me and calls me the “queen of cum and go”; my legs are still shaking while I’m half dressed and out the door. Quite a funny observation but very true. Let’s see if Cowboy N can break me of this!??

Our Third encounter was, well, a date to go shooting at a gun range. May seem odd but people who know me know I’m a gamer. I love to say yes. I am impulsive and I love to go for it and experience new things. I had never shot a gun before so this would be fun and I was looking forward to Cowboy N teaching me. I never thought I’d say this but shooting a gun was sexy. Or maybe it was watching him shoot a gun, or all the adrenaline I had going but I was feeling turned on and couldn’t wait to fuck him.

After we get back to Cowboy N’s place I asked him if I could try some of his moonshine…… yes he makes moonshine! I proceed to try it, not knowing that you’re supposed to shoot it, OMG it’s strong stuff! The second round went down much smoother being chased by sweet tea. I’m definitely warmed up now. Not too long after that clothes are coming off and and a hot and heavy make out is under way. I love kissing this guy it’s so fucking hot and gets me super wet every time. He slides his fingers down into me. I’m soaked. He proceeds to make me squirt standing right there. He has to hold onto me with the other hand because it literally makes me weak in the knees when it happens. I look down and I can see all the wetness on his hand, on my thighs, and the spatters all over the floor. I’m shocked at how much comes out of me. I don’t know why but the image of his hand dripping wet and the soaked floor beneath will be a visual that can get me hot every time I think about it!

I grab his throbbing cock and start stroking it. A massive amount of precum fills my hands. There’s so much of it when I spread my fingers the clear sticky strings slowly separate. Oh look, that’s all you, I say showing him. He grabs me and lifts me up to the edge of the counter. He slides his cock slowly into me. I let out some soft sighs and fall forward a bit to rest on him. It feels so good in that moment I can’t even sit up straight. I start biting him and make my way to his lips for a passionate kiss with a little bite to his lower lip. He quickly grabs my hips, pulls me off the counter ledge and stands up with his cock still deep inside me. I hold on for dear life and he starts bouncing me up and down on his cock. Holy shit, my “girl brain” just kicks in…….. this is so fucking hot! Is he really bouncing me up and down on his cock while standing up like it’s nothing….. like I’m not 5’10 but 5 fucking 2!?? And it feels so good.. bouncing up and down weightless on a cock. It feels so amazing it’s hard to process, I’m overwhelmed with stimualtion, it’s like your mind shuts off and all you can do is focus on the sensation. God I fucking love when that happens!

We move to the bed. Cowboy N again has his fingers in me, those big fucking strong fingers!!He’s rubbing my clit and gspot. Then he starts putting a lot of pressure inside me and moving his fingers in and out quickly. Oh fuck I’m going to squirt, I can feel that pressure building, that divine pressure. I no longer try to fight it in fact I’ve started to crave it, that feeling of total lack of control while someone does exactly what they want with your body. Within seconds I’m squirting all over the place. God it feels so good. Now Cowboy N has my legs in the air, is grabbing my ankles and spreading my legs apart in a V shape. My god he’s got a nice cock, I love the way it fills up my tight little pussy. He’s an amazing fuck and he’s giving it to me just the right way. I’m wet and dripping my clit is tingling and Im ready to cum hard on that cock. I’m getting louder and more vocal, he’s well aware of what’s happening as I’m sure he can feel my pussy tightening around his cock. Still though, I can’t help but announce that I’m cumming. I cum really hard on his cock.

I’m still shaking and quivering as he reaches down and puts his hand very firmly around my throat. I lock eyes with him for a split second before I have to look away. I know what’s next…. he’s going to fuck the shit out of me and cum. He’s ramming me. My whole body would be forced up into the headboard if not for that tight grip on my neck. He’s never grabbed this hard before, it’s a slightly new level of aggressiveness. Is he testing the waters…. breaking me in slowly to how aggressive he can be? He’s fucking me like a cheap slut. Not totally comfortable but something in me is getting off on it at the same time. He cums all over my stomach. I love seeing that hot sticky load!

Squirting, Valentines and Moonshine

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