Sinners and Saints

Feb 02, 2017

This is a wicked little fantasy that came to me while I was in, of all places, church!  It was All Saints Day and I was attending mass that evening (don’t laugh I do go to church!).  I’m sitting in mass and I see I’m getting some texts.  They are from Clark. He’s sending me naked pictures of his gorgeous body and a jack off video.

I’m quickly looking to my left and right of me in the pew to see if anyone can see what I’m looking at.  It’s basically porn!! Porn in church and I’m looking at it.  These images are instantly turning me on along with the wicked things he’s saying to me about what he want’s to do to me and my body.  At first I’m a little shocked given that I’m reading this during mass but I’m so turned on I can’t stand it!!!

I set my phone down and try to get my mind right…… but I can’t, it’s full of filthy, hot, sexy thoughts.  I’m looking at the alter. I start to imagine that Clark lifts me up onto that alter.  We are both completely naked except for me in my red Manolos (what can I say sex and fashion just go together).  He’s over me, kissing me, whispering in my ear what he’s going to do to me; how hard he’s going to make me cum.  My mind is racing, am I really doing this on the church alter?!! I’m driven out of my mind right now with total carnal lust and I can’t stop him.

He makes his way down to my pussy.  He’s teasing me very slowly.  I can feel the breath and the heat from his mouth.  He puts his fingers inside me while still ignoring my clit. He’s taunting me; I’m trying to raise my hips just a little so he will start to lick me……. oh my god please fucking lick me! He won’t.  I slowly lower my hips and turn my head to the left, a little bit defeated that he won’t do what I need so badly.  In that quick little moment of surrender he says “now you’re ready, this is how I want you completely submissive to me”. He asked me “Who’s body is this?” It’s yours I tell him.  “That’s right”, he says and “I get to have it whenever and WHEREVER I want it!”

Finally he starts to lick and suck my clit. I’m so turned on and hot for him my head can hardly process what is happening.  Every nerve in my body is on fire, my skin is buzzing and sensitive to every touch.  I’m feeling the smooth wood of the sides of the alter that I grip tightly with my hands, and the cloth that goes on top of it on my back.  I’m so wet I’m staring to drip uncontrollably onto the thin cloth and the wood beneath it.   Clark has me ready to cum; his mouth feels so good on my pussy.  Sensing I’m close he stops.

He sets himself on his knees with this butt on his heels which are raised.  He firmly grabs my hips and raises them up so he can penetrate me.  His cock is so thick, hard, smooth and perfect.  He slides into me very slowly. With every thrust he’s moving my hips exaclty where he wants them to be.  Filling me up slow and deep with every stroke.

Clark then moves to being directly on top of me.  He grabs my arms, holds my hands and places them just above my head.  He’s thrusting with precision, making a semi circular motion which cause my hips to follow upwards, ever so slightly, at the end of every stoke. I’ve completely surrendered to him and let him be the sole source of my pleasure.  I look to the left a long the back wall; all the saints and angles in the paintings and stained glass bare witness to me surrendering to something not godly but worldly, lustful and passionate.  I literally felt like I could burn the place down with the heat between us.

Clark seeing that the saints and angles have grabbed my attention for that split second quickly draws me back to him “your body mind and soul are mine now, you worship me” he whispers.  Oh my god I do, I really do.  I’ve never been so completely consumed by lust and passion in the moment with anyone like this before.  I feel that familiar wave start to roll through my body.  My stomach muscles are tightening, my legs and body are starting to tremble.  Clark is acutely aware of this and his body is matching mine.  “Cum for me, I want you to cum” he commands.  My body responds to him so completely, literally like I don’t have any control, but get to be along for the ride.   He’s starting to cum just as I am, I can feel him so deep in me.  My pussy is spasming with the longest strongest orgasm I’ve felt for quite a while.  Clark collapses on top of me, the weight of that sexy body on top me gives me aftershocks.  More than just “my” wetness is now dripping out onto the alter.

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Sinners and Saints

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