Let Me Edge You

Dec 05, 2016

I often fantasize when I’m in yoga class….. I can’t help it I’m in there for an hour and half and all my creative and horny juices get flowing. This one popped in there and I thought it was super hot!

I’m dressed in a black fitted pencil skirt that hits just above the knee, perfect fit to show off my long legs, hips and ass.  I have a cream colored blouse on with my La Perla black lace bra. You can see through the sheer blouse (not overly showy just enough to be sexy).  My Valentio 4 inch heels with the cute little studs on the straps that wrap around my thin ankles.  My hair is pulled back and low on my neck in a modified hip trendy bun, a few wispy pieces have fallen out in front framing my face.  I’m looking very “business sexy”.

Clark reaches around and puts his hand on the back of my neck and draws me to him for a sweet and passionate kiss.  The heels make us a perfect fit as now I’m 6’2 and he doesn’t have far to go to reach my full lips.  He starts unbuttoning my blouse, and removes it ever so slowly and I feel the soft fabric sliding down my arms and off my body.  He kisses me again and moves both hands to the back of my skirt to start unbuttoning and unzipping…….. I reach back with both my hands and stop him.  I whisper in his ear “And just what do you think you are doing Clark?  You haven’t earned that. What you need to do is get a chair, bring it in here and sit your tight little ass down”. I grab a neck tie from his closet as he fetches a chair.

I instruct him to take off all his clothes except his underwear and sit down.  He looks up at me quite obediently with a wide eyed innocent look, almost they way I imagine he looked the first time he gazed at a girl he had a crush on.  I tell him to put his hands behind his back and that he is not allowed to touch me unless I tell him to do so. I ask him if he understand me?  He simply answers “yes”.  I tie his hands behind his back and whisper in his ear that “I’m going to enjoy this and if he behaves I may let him cum, and does he understand me?” “If you think you are going to cum you tell me, and if you cum before I say so I will be very displeased with you Clark” He agrees and I walk around to the front of him dragging my fingertips very lightly across  his back and chiseled shoulder.

I stand in front of him and hike up my skirt just high enough to reveal my sweet little pussy and that I have no panties on.  I ask him if this is what he wants and if he thinks about fucking me? He replies “yes”.  I tell him how other men love this pussy; how they have to have it.  I sit down on him, my back against his chest, and start grinding my ass against his hard cock, I can feel his warm breath in my right ear.  I use my right hand to reach down through both of our legs, and stroke his swollen tight balls, as I grind away in a circular motion against his cock.

I get up and face him.  I can see how swollen and rock hard he is.  I say “oh babe, that cock looks so uncomfortable trapped in your underwear like that……. you need me to take it out don’t you? He agrees but I just shine him on “I bet you do…. sorry hun, it’s going to get worse”.  I sit on him facing him and pull my bra down and tell him to suck on my nipple, I grab the back of his neck and arch back while he’s sucking and bitting.  Instantly I’m getting so wet he can feel it through his underwear on his throbbing cock that’s being suffocated for space. While grinding my ever increasingly wet pussy on his hard, throbbing cock, I reach down and stick my finger in my dripping wet juicy pussy.  As I’m almost nose to nose with with him I tip my head to the left ever so slightly like I’m about to give him a slow passionate kiss, our lips just a half inch apart.  I slip my finger into my mouth and suck all the juices off.  As I pull my finger out I bite my bottom lip and thrust my tongue up against the roof of my mouth as if to savor every drop.  I then give him the slow passionate full kiss he was longing for so he can taste me. My hand drifts down during our kiss and I free his thick juicy cock oozing with pre-cum. I start to stroke it.  He’s very excited to finally have my touch.  I get down in front of him and begin sucking and stroking that amazing cock; slowly and deliberately. I want to savor every bit of it.

I walk over to the night stand and grab his edging oil.  Leaving his throbbing cock just sitting there helpless.  I rub the oil on his cock and walk behind him. Whispering in his right ear from behind him “how does that cock feel hun…… need some release…… ohhh, not yet babe. Don’t you dare fucking cum without my permission Clark”.  I grab his cock with my right hand as I’m still behind him.  I’ve watched and mastered his stoke pattern and I begin to use it on him.  As he’s more and more aroused, and I can feel it building, I’m creating more pressure with my fingers on the head and shaft of his cock. I can tell he’s fucking dying to cum.  I stop right at the exact moment he’s about to explode.  “I don’t think so Clark, you need to satisfy me first”.  I can feel the agony and excitement he’s feeling at the same time as I just leave him hanging with no release.

I untie his hands and tell him to take off his underwear.  Turning around I tell him to take off my skirt and bra but leave the shoes……. he does everything I ask.  Then we stand there and kiss fully nude with our bodies pressed against each other.  I can feel that hard cock so close to my drenched pussy, rubbing against it.  I’m struggling right now to keep control; keep my mind straight.  I tell him I want him inside me but only for a minute.  I want to give him just a taste of what it feels like but he’s not allowed to fully fuck me or cum that way.  He lays me back on the bed and enters me, it takes my breath away and I bite my lip and let out a delicious sigh at the same time.  He’s so fucking hard and he’s moving in and out very slowly and deliberately.  He’s savoring every second as much as I am.  I can feel the weight of him on top of me and it’s highly addictive; my head is spinning, I’m lost in the moment and he is too.  Our pace begins to quicken and I can feel we are both getting frenzied…….. I tell him to stop!

Clark pulls that amazing cock out of me and I tell him to eat my pussy until I cum.  It’s heavenly torture after just having him inside me.  I love to tell him about the other guys and what they do to me and how they can’t get enough.  This is exciting to him and he’s working very hard and intently on giving my clit the attention it deserves.  I’m so wet I’m dripping all over his fingers that are moving in and out of me. I’ve got my hands over my head gripping the comforter.  Holy shit I’m going to cum. I tell him so and remind him NOT to stop.  He speeds up to match the cadence of my breath and moans.  I finally cum with his head buried between my legs! Oh my god it feels so good!

That felt amazing Clark, I’m going to reward you for that. He sits back at the head of the bed. I begin to lick and suck his cock slowly and deliberately, making love to it with my mouth.  As I feel him getting closer I stop.  I do this several times until I can tell he’s in agony, needing to cum so bad. My playful taunting is relentless; letting him know I’m in control and only I decide when it’s time.  Then I get some oil on my hands and rub it on his cock.  I whisper in his ear “It’s time now babe I’m, going to make you cum”……………………… It doesn’t take long before hot sticky cum is dripping down my hand and his cock.

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