Let Me Show You How A Woman Wants To Be Kissed

Dec 10, 2016

YWS and I are going to dinner for the first time.  Prior to this we’ve had a lot of phone calls and texting. He’s an interesting guy.  An academic who likes older women.  That’s his thing.  I’m actually a little on the young side for his taste he tells me??! Initially I don’t want to meet him but over the course of our conversations and texts I think, why not go to dinner with this guy……. he’s definitely interesting to talk to.

When I show up he’s wearing flip flops…… first strike!  Now I get that he’s only 31 but really? He’s not as tall as he said either…. in fact shorter than me.  This is a personal stumbling block  I’m tall, I love tall men.

We proceed to dinner and we are having a nice conversation, and since we’ve talked so much up to this point there’s a lot to go on.  Now the next thing that happens here really urked me…….. the bill came and he let’s me pay!  WTF!? Maybe this is why I don’t want to be with younger guys……. when you are out with a woman, pay the fucking bill! There, I’ve said my peace.  Believe me it’s not a financial issue for me; it’s about chivalry and I love a man to be a man.

We make our way outside and somehow, despite all the strikes he’s accumulating we end up in the back set of his car with me on top of him making out.  I can feel his cock through his jeans and I’m grinding on it a bit through my clothes.  This is getting me going and making me forget the flip flops, shortness and bill……. or maybe it was the champagne? Anyways, I’m trying to kiss him while grinding and I’m realizing our “kissing chemistry” is completely off!  So I stop and ask him what’s up with that?  He tells me his previous girlfriend wouldn’t kiss him, or they just didn’t kiss, something like that, but I’m starting to see why.  I look him straight in the eye and tell him to just relax and follow my lead and that I’m going to show him how a woman wants to be kissed.  I try and I try but to no avail,  I’m noticing his tongue is long and pointy and kind of triangular.  I was good at geometry and I, being a problem solver, am starting to see where this tongue can better be applied.

He tells me wants to taste.  I suggest we get into the back of my SUV as we can put the seats down and have more room.  We quickly do that and in no time my car windows are getting steamy!  He starts licking my pussy and….. I was right, it’s really good!! I’m getting wetter and wetter and despite the cramped quarters we are making it work.  He uses a lot of sucking and licking with nice firm pressure on my clit.  Really long, deliberate licking.  It feels amazing.  He’s telling me how great I taste.  I’m moaning and moving my hips to match his sucking pattern, this is making me sopping wet.

We are both thoroughly aroused and he puts his hard cock inside of me and starts fucking.  I move the back of my head to rest on the center console to allow for more room.  He’s kind of over me in and then he puts his hand around my neck and applies a gentle but firm pressure, letting me know who’s in control.  I’m totally turned on by it and this heightens the sensation of him fucking me.  As I turn my head to the side, in submission he starts sucking on my nipples.  God I love that.  I reach down and grab his hips and tell him to fuck me harder.  Fuck me till you cum babe!

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