Love In A 2 Star Motel

May 11, 2016

I’ve worked hard and achieved a certain level at this point in my life.  Six months ago I would have never believed that I’d be the recipient of amazing sex, from a 31-year-old, in a seedy motel in a town who’s name I won’t even mention! I wouldn’t have even wanted to drive through this town let alone get fucked in it.  However, when it came up and was presented the thought of it was kind of hot……… girl next door goes to bad neighborhood for for hot sex!  Oh Yes I was down for this!

TJ is very sweet and acting kind of shy and nervous when I get there.  We chit chat a bit and then he starts in on the back rub I was promised.  His hands are amazing and I’m getting so wet with this foreplay.  He’s letting his hands drift to naughty places quickly, just to get a feel as he quickly moves on.  Then he finally kisses me, soft and perfect! OMG he’s a good kisser, I fucking love a good kisser.  Not soon after the rest of my clothes are coming off as he pulls persistently at them.  Then his pants come off…….. oh yes that’s a really nice thick cock!

He wastes no time putting his head between my legs and licking my pussy.  Oh my god, was the first thing out of my mouth.  This guy is amazing!! He’s doing everything right; it’s perfect! The fingers in me, the pressure on my clit, rubbing my gspot…… I’m moaning almost in disbelief and playfully laughing.  Have you ever laughed because something felt so good?? Well this time I did! How the hell can this 31 year old shy guy be making my body feel this good??!!  I’m moaning in ecstasy and telling him how good that feels, I’m so wet I’m dripping down onto the cheap polyester comforter.  My body was on fire and my head was spinning. I was so turned on being in that room, in that part of town, about to get fucked by this young hottie!

Then finally, he puts his rock hard (and I DO mean rock hard) cock inside me! Holy shit!! We have a trifecta!! I swear I heard the skies part and angels sing…….good kisser, great oral, amazing cock……. I get what all the fuss is about.  Now I know why all these women love younger guys.  Why did I not realize this sooner?? I’m now a fan.  Holy shit all the younger I guys I passed up….. damn it!! Back to the fucking, he was pounding me and sweating (I probably had the heat up too high but the room was cold when we got there), we were kissing passionately, I was grabbing his back and ass, the room filled with dirty filthy smutty talk, it was primal and that cock felt so good I couldn’t believe it.  I was sucking and pinching his nipples which he really got off on.

We switched to doggie; my head buried in the pillow turned to the right.  Hips tipped at just the right angle so he hit my gspot.  God I was so fucking wet. He had his hands around my waist, just above my hip bones.  His hands felt great there, so strong, just working my body.  At times I would raise up and rest on my hands so he could really get deep inside me while puling my hair.  I was telling him how good it felt and to fuck me.  Asking if he liked my pussy?

We went back to him on top of me.  He’s so nicely built and big on top of me, just they way I love a man’s body to feel.  He started sucking my nipples (this just makes me so hot) while he was sliding that perfect cock in and out rhythmically.  I knew I was ready to cum.  I told him not to stop sucking on my nipples.  I grabbed his biceps and dug my fingers in.  I was going to cum, I told him not stop fucking me!  I had the best strongest orgasm……….. oh man, I need more of that!

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