My Afternoon Delight

Dec 20, 2016

The firs time I saw HJ my jaw fell open.  I literally just paused to take a “moment of appreciation” for the gorgeous man I had just laid my eyes on.  This guy is so fucking sexy!  He looks like a movie star with an amaaaaazing body.  Our time together is fun, sexy playful, carnal and always filled with good conversation mixed in.

The first time we were ever together was really hot! When we first get started he likes to move around my body and kiss my freckles. I don’t have many but it’s pretty hot and gets me so wet. My bra and panties are still on. At this point I’m rushing to get his shirt off of him, his pants and underwear are off but I’m getting crazy for him to be inside me. He won’t let me rush him, takes my bra off and sucks and licks and bites my nipples….. this makes my clit throb and I’m aching for him to slide his thick cock inside me. He starts to move down my stomach, kissing every freckle along the way and thank god there are only a few because I know where he’s headed. He grabs my panties and starts to remove them very slowly, kissings my legs and inner thighs teasing me. I’m so hot right now and can’t wait for him to put his mouth on my clit, every second seems like an eternity……… then finally he does! Oh my god it feels so good, that wet hot mouth and tongue sucking and licking me….. I’ve been needing that so bad. He’s reaching up with one hand and touching my nipple and caressing and playing with it while he’s sucking on my clit, oh my god I’m starting to shake I can feel what’s building inside me. Sensing the build up he takes that left hand off my breast and nipple and switches to his right hand to put his fingers in me. I say out loud “oh my god”, as he slides his middle and index fingers in, I know he’s going got finish me off. There’s this rhythmic motion to the way he moves his fingers in and out of me while he rubs my gspot and licks and sucks on my clit; it’s driving me crazy. My head is back and I’m arching my hips up ever so slightly. This takes me over the edge and I cum so hard my whole body feels it head to toe!

HJ is looking at me with devilish little grin as I’m still basking in my post orgasm glow.  I think he’s half admiring his work and getting excited thinking about what’s next.  What’s next is I begin to bite and suck on his nipples…….. he loves this done to him as much as I love it done to me.  I’m stroking his cock with one hand and playing with his balls with the other.  Oh my god, this guy has such an amazing body and thick big cock. I start sucking it, very slow and playful.  It’s all hands on deck, literally, and he’s responding to everything I’m doing right now. He’s getting more and turned on and then he wants me stop…….. he’s ready to fuck me now.

I lay back on the bed, he grabs both my legs and pushes them back just slightly above my shoulders.  Then he enters me, his cock is so thick…….. such a nice tight fit…. it takes my breath away.  He’s very slow and rhythmic which I love.  I get to feel everything about every stroke.  Its so fucking amazing. I love this part before you’re totally frenzied.  He’s looking right into my eyes and kissing me a lot.  I love how sensual he is, as well as skilled.  All women need an HJ in their lives! His cock is amazing and he knows how to use it, hit the right spots, when to go deep and when to hold back a little………….. oh fuck this guy is an amazing lover! He starts touching my clit while he’s fucking me slowly.  I’m not going to last much longer.  He’s going back forth between kissing me and sucking/biting my nipples.  This is putting me over the edge……. I’m getting so fucking close to cumming again.  I tell him to “fuck me harder, I’m going to cum”.  I finally I do cum, my whole body is shaking…… HJ is not far behind me and my stomach is the recipient of a nice load of cum!

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