It's Never As Good As The First Time

Mar 11, 2016

I almost slip and fall on the tile floors of the hotel bar I’m going to meet Titanic at for the first time. Damn these Manolo Blaniks are making me 6’2 wich would put me taller than Titanic.  At this point I do not care.  The plan is to have dinner and fuck.  I’m so excited, but also a little nervous…… like a school girl nervous.  I’m about to pop that 3.5 year cherry and start a new!

The minute I make eye contact with Titanic, who is waiting for me at at the bar, I know it’s on.  He’s very good looking, definitely my type.  I’ve had about 10 days leading up to this of texts and phone calls so I’m more than ready.

After dinner we make our way back to the hotel room.  I am so nervous but Titanic puts me right at ease.  He knows I haven’t had sex for many years and he’s planned on making it special for me.  Really so sweet.  He bought candles, wine, made a play list; just very very thoughtful.

We start kissing and, buy the way, the kissing is really good.  I have to have a good kisser or it’s a deal breaker.  Then the clothes are coming off and I’m pushed onto the bed with my bra and panties still on.  Titanic gets on top of me kissing me passionately, hands going everywhere investigating my body. Just to feel the weight of him on me feels so good.  I can also feel that hard thick cock which I’m totally lusting for.  He’s looking at me in my eyes with his hands in my hair telling me how beautiful I am.  I’m dying right now! My head is spinning with the intoxicants of wine, candles, lust and knowledge that any second now I’m going to have a big thick cock inside me and the dry spell will be broken………. and then just like that it is!  He slides that big gorgeous cock deep in me.  I always love that part, that exact moment; it takes my breath away. You gasp in and then exhale almost simultaneously.  I’m so wet and turned on.

We go through a myriad of positions, missionary, doggie, me on top, he’s going down on me, I’m sucking his cock.  I’m having so much fun with all our dirty talk, I can’t get enough of him! Only one problem is he’s cuming and I’m not, he’s burning through several condoms and I’m noticing in between our rest and snuggle breaks that his dick is still hard.  I’m starting to become very suspicious of the “stay puffed marsh mellow dick.” Now, I’m not complaining here, I got the benefit of it.  But I’m thinking he’s taken something.  So I ask, and he says it’s just clean living……. I later see half a pill in the bathroom garbage can that looks like a cialis.  Again, I’m actually very impressed he really did think of everything to make that experience super hot for me.  He really has a very thoughtful side.

I was back in the land of the sexed up people, finally, like the rest of the world.  Only one problem…. I didn’t cum.  I was very close at times but I couldn’t get over the edge.  Had I masturbated too much on my 3.5 year hiatus??!!   Who knows but I definitely had a goal moving forward. ; )

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