Rip My Clothes Off And Fuck Me Where I Stand

Dec 03, 2016

Have you ever looked up and said Holy Fuck that man is gorgeous!! That is how I felt when I saw Clark for the first time.  He literally took my breath away.  I was grinning from ear to ear while talking to him.  All I could think about was ripping his clothes off.  I found it very hard to focus on and retain what he was talking about…… I just wanted to fuck him.  I felt this strong chemical draw to him and I will honestly say I’ve never been so initially attracted to someone in my entire life EVER!

As the weeks went on I did develop very strong and real feelings for him (this stuff is bound to happen and I promised myself to be open and honest regarding everything that happens on this sexual road trip of mine).  Clark allows me share what I’m doing with other men…… he’s my confidant so to speak.  This is extremely exciting to me.   What I discovered about Clark is he has a whole other mindset on sex and the way it would play out in a relationship.  Suddenly something I didn’t even know existed, a kink I guess you’d call it,  was becoming highly erotic and desired by me. Was it sustainable, where would it lead, was I buying a ticket to crazy town………. I had no idea but I was willing to explore it.  I wanted to go down that rabbit hole with him and test the waters.

All the adventures I’ve been having with guys I’ve encountered have stirred a million erotic thoughts.  I have all these fantasies brewing.  I will share only fantasies of Clark at this point as, something is holding me back from sharing anything else……. perhaps it’s the genuine care and protective nature I feel for him. I’ll sort it out along the way and there could be more …………

Here’s a delicious little fantasy I sent to Clark via text: Good morning darling Clark! I got off this morning thinking about you watching me getting fucked. Your arms were tied to the bed and I was laying back on top of you, my hips resting between your legs. My head and back resting on your chest. I couldn’t decide if I should blind fold you or not but then I decided to let you watch AND feel what was being done to me. You are watching as Canada starts eating my pussy, slowly and deliberately. The room fills with the sound of all my soft moans. You can feel me breathing deeper, I’m gripping your legs as the pleasure is intensifying for me. You can feel all my muscles tightening and contracting the more aroused Canada is making me. Then he stops and commands me to put my fingers in my dripping wet pussy and give you a taste. He’s in control of me and I do as asked. He tells you how dripping wet and delicious I am. He flips me over, slaps my ass, and I lay my head on your groin with my full lips touching your thick rock hard cock. Only the thin fabric from your underwear separating direct contact. I can see the precum oozing through and you can feel the heat and quickness of my breath, on your cock, as Canada enters me. I breathe the longest deepest sigh as it feels so good I’m already ready to cum all over his cock. He feels so good deep in me as he’s grabbing my hips directing every delicious stoke. I reach up and lightly touch your cock. That with my hot breath is turning you on to no end. Then he tells me to back up and I’m no longer touching you. I’m looking right at you as he shoves his cock back inside me he reaches around and grabs my neck just above my collar bones. I start to touch my clit as he’s fucking me harder and harder. I’m looking right you as my moans and my breath are getting louder and quicker. You can see my whole body reacting to his amazing cock, touch and control over me. Finally I explode and cum all over him.

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