Rules of Engagement

Mar 11, 2016

Let’s be clear here on a few things…………. the goal is not to screw as many guys as possible, the goal is to find some amazing lovers.  After this long hiatus I really want to find a few good men that can rock my world sexually.  Ideally find some friends with benefits.  I don’t want to fuck every guy I meet and I DO need to have chemistry with that person.  You know something that I like about them; if this were a different circumstance someone I would date probably.

Find those great lovers and explore with them everything on my sex bucket list.  Have them broaden my horizons, try new things, introduce me to new perspectives sexually.  I really want to have fun with this.  Right now I’m totally open minded.  I do not want a bunch of “one-offs” because really the sex is always better the more in tune you get with someone.  Now I realize that I may have to kiss a few frogs to find these guys but I’m up for it.  I’m definitely in interview mode and things that these guys tell me either make me believe they have the experience I’m looking for or they don’t.

A couple things I try to avoid: married guys (unless they get permission or their wife is joining), guys with girlfriends, and guys in their 20’s (There could be exceptions but generally no). I wouldn’t date these guys in real life so if they aren’t dateable I don’t want fuck them.

Nobody comes to my house.  This is key for privacy and safety.  This could require me to secure a “fuck pad” but hey I’m up for it! Practice safe sex, take precautions and even with all that get tested periodically just to make sure.  I’ve never had an STD, knock on wood, and I don’t intend to start now.

Let’s see where this mind set takes me on my sexual road trip…….. it could be subject to change but this the intent I’m starting with.

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