Thanks For The Orgasm Assist!

Feb 16, 2017

Canada is a very interesting guy.  He and his wife have an open relationship.  Normally I steer clear of this stuff but because he has permission I’m game.  I’m also very intrigued by the lifestyle.  As I’ve stated in my podcasts I’m really curious about who I will be at the end of this?? Will I go back to “Vanilla Land” or will I need to be in an open relationship if I find myself in one.  That’s what I don’t know but I love asking Canada all about how he and his wife do it and what the rules are etc.  This stuff fascinates me to no end.  Aside from this interesting open relationship Canada is a real sweet guy.  And sexy too!  Dark hair and gorgeous blue eyes….. a deep blue.  And he smells nice.  He’s the first guy I’ve been with that I noticed his scent because I found it so pleasing….. I need to ask him what he wears.

Canada and I meet up in a hotel room for some mid day fun. I love that he brought his vibrating cock ring, it even had a special case.  I was excited to use it!  We chit chat a bit and then the clothes are coming off!! We commence with our hot and heavy make out.. He’s tall and slim, his skin is very smooth and my hand are going every where. He starts to eat my pussy, I love this I’ll never say I don’t want it, and it’s feeling so good! There’s something about the way younger guys eat pussy, I don’t know what it is, it’s more aggressive and less soft. I like soft too but it’s harder to cum that way. I’d rather you “hoover” my clit. I mean seriously, suck on it like a nipple! Canada is giving me just the right amount of pressure, oh my god I’m getting so wet!

I decide to switch it up and start sucking his cock. He has really, what I consider, the perfect size cock. Great to go down on and great to have inside you. Especially great from behind…… not too long but just the right amount of thickness. I’m stroking the shaft and licking his balls. Making sure I get everything as wet as I can with my mouth. I’m using light pressure at first to build up the anticipation. Then I have his cock in my mouth with my right hand following my mouth as I move up and down. My fingers are moving around the shaft in a rolling motion with the most pressure at the base. My left hand is slowly stroking this balls. I can tell Canada is responding to this and I get very rhythmic about it and slightly faster. He’s getting even more excited about it and tells me I have to stop or he’s going to cum.

I move to the top of the bed. Canada puts his fingers inside of me and starts kissing me. I’m rubbing my clit while he’s doing this. I quickly realize I want my bullet and ask him to hand it to me……… my chance for a guy to help me cum while I’m masturbating. I’ve always wanted to do this and up to this point, never had a guy “assist” while I was working my clit without his cock inside of me. Sure I’ve had my little moments, but it never was about hey let me help you get off while masturbating. At this point I’m loving having a co-pilot! His fingers feel amazing. He’s rubbing my gspot but thrusting in and out super fast, while putting the right amount of pressure in an upward motion. Almost like he could lift me up with his two fingers and levitate me off the bed. I’m getting wetter and wetter and my bullet on my clit feels so damn good. I’m getting so loud, I’m sure everyone can hear me within ear shot. There’s this amazing pressure feeling building up….. it’s different than what I’m used to but feels amazing. Literally out of no where I’m having a super strong orgasm accompanied by really loud moaning on my part. Usually I can feel this building up and you know when it’s “cuming”, but this just went from zero to sixty with no warning. My body was doing it’s own thing. It was very strong, very deep and very intense!! Oh my god it felt so good. No doubt the whole hotel room floor heard that one!

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