The Boyfriend Experience

Apr 21, 2017

I was excited the first time I met BE. He’s a true gentleman and the more I get to know him the more intrigued I am. Our first meeting was stimulating, sexy and fun…… it left me wanting more and looking forward to the next meeting. This is one fucking sexy man but he also stimulates what’s between my ears too. We all know how women are wired and as hard as I try to escape it I’m in that club too. I have to be mentally stimulated and BE hits on all cylinders.

He’s incredibly sexy to me. He reminds me of a past boyfriend, as far as his physical appearance and personality. His back story is amazing and you know there is a “deep end in that pool” and I cant wait to jump in and drift effortlessly straight to the bottom. Shit this guy is reminding me of the comfort, familiarity, and effortlessness of the “R” word……. relationships! He’s true and genuine and doesn’t play games……. he puts it out there and I’m finding the timing of it very refreshing. Who knew!? Not to be confused with boring…… this guy is on a road trip of his own. He even wants to be part of my MFM experience….. uhhhh hell yes! Now for the other guy, ok that’s another article or podcasts…

BE plans dinner at this great restaurant. He’s opening doors, walking arm in arm with me…. it feels like a “date” with a very sexy undertone. The conversation is great and I’m truly enjoying him. I can’t wait to get back to our room.

When we get back to the room there’s candles and music. BE’s just such a gentlemen; he looks at me and says “you have to let me do this my way”. Are you kidding me, this IS Burger King honey and YES you can have it your way any time you want!! In that moment it just clicks, this IS who this guy is. This is how he treats a woman. I doubt he’s ever been anything less than a total sweetheart.

It takes about two seconds for the clothes to come flying off….. god damn I love his body! Crazy hot……….. And now for the moment of truth, up to this point I have no idea about the equipment……. and thank you sweet baby Jesus the cock is perfect and thick! He’s instantly on top of me as we are in a hot and heavy make out. He starts to eat my pussy and then he puts two of the largest fingers, I’ve ever had, in me. I love a man’s hands and these are by far the biggest. Oh my god it feels amazing and I’m dripping wet. Pretty soon I’m maturbating with his fingers in me. I’m clenching down and rubbing my gspot on those fingers….. I’m literally fucking his hand with my hips moving as fast as I can, while I stimulate my clit, to make my self cum. It doesn’t take long and I’m having a nice, deep, strong orgasm.

Then I get that thick cock inside me. It has curve to it! I’m instantly thinking about how I can get that cock to curve right onto my gspot…….. I think reverse cowgirl ought to do that!! Poor BE hasn’t used condoms in a while and his is bothering him. I tell him to take it off and lay back. I proceed to suck his cock, inhaling his ball, and stroking it with great intention. I love to give hand jobs….. I use a myriad of techniques but I love to tease a guy this way. This is working better than expected and very quickly I have more cum dripping down the sides of my hands than I’ve honestly seen from anyone ever! Wow, so fucking hot!

Our second encounter, ok “date”, was to a professional soccer game. It was very chilly and I, as usual, was cold! BE is such a sweetheart and offering his jacket….. instead he just hugged me really tight and warmed me up. So we are at an event together, were are doing tons on PDA, and I get introduced to some of his friends (who by the way were really nice people!). This is definitely “different” than my other encounters…… but I’m truly enjoying it. I’m actually pleasantly surprised how instantly comfortable I am with BE.

When we get back to the hotel room he’s ligthitng the candles and getting the music going. I have to say the candle light is really nice, all of it is. It’s the thought and planning that I like. I’m a planner myself so I always appreciate this! Very quickly after the mood is set those amazing mouth and hands are all over me. I love the way he touches me and goes down on me it’s very sensual, the kind of touching that quiets my busy mind and charms my body. I’m extremely wet tonight, I always am but this is a lot of moisture. He’s licking and sucking on my clit, I really, really love the sucking! Suck on my clit like a nipple…….. it drives me fucking crazy. Add in those big fingers going in and out, rubbing my gspot and my pussy is a sopping, dripping, hot mess!

I tell him I need to get on top of him because I’m ready to cum. His cock is so thick and hard and I love that curve! I grab the thick base and slowly lower myself down onto him burying his cock deep inside my pussy. I let out sigh and slightly curve my shoulders forward to take in the feeling of it. Oh my god I love the first moment of penetration soooo fucking hot! Lately I’ve rediscovered my love of being on top and getting off that way. I can get very deep with out it being painful. And I rub my gspot on the shaft of his cock by grinding into him and bending back. Literally within a minute or two I’m cuming hard and loud on top of him. Fuck it feels so good!!

BE gives me a few minutes of euphoria, telling me how much he loves watching me get pleasure. Then he’s got me on my hands and knees fucking me doggie style. It’s slow at first and deliberate. I’m pushing back on his cock and grinding slowly, in a circular motion, so he can hit all the angles. He starts giving a me few spankings……. good ones! It startles me, there is the sting I’ve recently come to enjoy, but it’s coming from BE! Now he’s starting to pound me. And he’s spanking me…… hard…. that’s definitely leaving marks. There’s a lot of “fuck”, “oh my god” and “that’s so fucking deep” coming from me. If I didn’t know better I’d think somebody else was back there fucking me like a dirty whore! I can’t believe it’s my sweet BE! Thank god I was so wet, that’s the only way I could take being nailed like that. This kind of hard fucking always hurts some but it’s so primal and raw I fucking love it. This is where the term “bitch in heat” comes from and that’s exactly what I felt like. I was literally a sweaty mess…… but maybe that was because I made him turn the heat up so high in the room because I’m always cold! HEHE! I like it HOT.

BE is burning up, poor guy, I tell him lay back and relax. I start stroking his cock and playing with his balls. I really like playing with his cock. I love to grip the base and run my hand up and down the shaft slowly. As I’m stroking and licking his cock I’m doing something I don’t ever do…… I’m staring straight into his eyes. I’m terrible about direct eye contact during sex and I just don’t do it. But right in this moment I’m totally into watching every reaction to what I’m doing. It’s hot. I can see him getting more and more excited and really enjoying what I’m doing to him. I like the control and watching the reaction from him. He’s getting more and more exciting and ready to come. I can see everything, his breathing change the expression on his face, his stomach muscles tensing……… and then finally another huge load of cum dripping down my hands; god I love this part.

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