Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Mar 11, 2017

This encounter with Cowboy N was really HOT. He’s in a mood I can tell. It starts out with a lot of spanking……… hard, stinging slaps. My ass is definitely on fire. He’s teasing me with the squirting, he won’t do it. He gets me really close and stops. He continues to do this several times. Is this guy fucking edging “ME”?!! I’m starting to get irritated. I tell him to stop screwing around. He tells me to “say it”, I want you to say it. This becomes a battle. I proceed to get more and more spankings for not being compliant. I’m trying to squirm away and maneuver around him so my ass is not within his reach. This proves totally pointless as he has a strong hold of me and I can’t break it. This mental and physical power struggle is turning me on.

I’m pushed up against the counter as he’s got his fingers in me. I’m almost ready to squirt, I’m moaning, I’m excited and he stops. I’m kissing him aggressively and I laugh in a scoffing sort of way; I am not pleased with this teasing. “Stop fucking teasing me” I tell him. “Say it” he answers back. I ignore him but I can’t ignore The fire that’s building in me. This little power struggle with aggressive foreplay is getting me seriously hot and pissed off at the same time. I tell him you are “really starting to fucking piss me off”. He puts his fingers back into my sopping wet pussy, gets me right to the edge and stops again! Now I’m thoroughly irritated. My hand flies up and slaps him across the face. Stop fucking around, do it, I demand. The slap itself had good sound and nice contact…. the equivalent of one of his spankings. However he’s un-phased by my “pop” across the face as he later calls it. He refuses to consider it as a slap. He also refuses my demand.

He goes and grabs some white ropes from a suitcase, they are meticulously wound. He has two and throws one down on the floor as he precedes to unwind the other. He starts by measuring the two side and begins to place the equal sides around my neck. He’s making a breast harness that goes from my neck to my pussy. It’s a huge turn on the time, care and intricacy it takes to create this. Especially if you’re creating something really elaborate, I can see why women love this. He’s making sure the tension is just right…… not too tight not too loose. Now he’s binding my arms behind me, this is what the second rope is for. There is a moment there where I’m not sure about my hands being bound behind me. I’m completely vulnerable, and for someone like me who always thinks ten steps ahead I’m definitely NOT in my comfort zone. I have to just let go and let it happen. Cowboy N grabs the harness right between my breasts and pulls me into him. He’s kissing me and pulling me up towards him. I’m on my tip toes and swaying a bit almost like I’m tied to the ceiling. When he pulls up on the harness it tightens around my pussy lips and stimulates my clit, that with kisses has me wet and dripping. I’m getting more spankings too which at this point are really stinging. My ass has taken a beating; still the sting makes my clit throb like crazy! I let out little pleasurable gasps with each slap. The sound and the sting at the same time are very erotic. I’m getting wet right now just remembering it.

Cowboy N is now directing me down towards his cock. I have to suck his cock with out my hands……. there goes my “leave no had idle technique”. Just using your mouth with no hands isn’t easy for me. I’m using my tongue, like a hand, to create as much pressure on his shaft in my mouth as I can give him. Wrapping my lips over my teeth to give pressure at the base all while moving up and down at a rhythmic pace. I’m certainly wishing I had my hands but improvising on the fly is exciting too. I think he likes controlling me, watching me struggle a bit. I’m certain he likes to push me out of my comfort zone and he has certainly done that. I do enjoy sucking that cock so I wouldn’t pass it up…… hands or no hands. He’s watching me do all this and I can’t tell if it’s more the visual of the actual act or the feeling that he’s enjoying more.

He pulls me up from sucking his cock and directs me to the bed. I’m on my back at first and he finally puts that amazing cock inside me. It’s a bit of a strange feeling not being able to “actively” fuck someone back. Is it the control freak in me that has a hard time with this?? What is going on here……. I just have to sit back and get fucked, I have no say in it. He’s grabbing the harness to have more leverage on me as he fucks me deep. It feels so good that cock going in and out of my hungry pussy. He’s making me want to cum so bad. I’m dripping onto the bed and moaning with excitement. I want so badly to touch myself right now, to cum my way, on my terms but my hands are behind my back and I can’t. I’m completely in someone else’s control.

On one had it’s a huge turn on being powerless and controlled. On the other hand my personality wants to rebel against this. I like the power struggle as well as the power exchange. Not sure at this point which one turns me on more. Cowboy N is moving me into various positions, it feels so good being fucked by him. At one point he’s fucking me from behind with my face totally smooshed into the bed. I love it. I’m dying to cum. He edges me a few more times with the squirting…..fuck I need to cum so bad!

He stops fucking me and starts to untie the ropes. It feels good to have the use of my hands and arms back. He puts his fingers back in me and gives me this look. Come on I say, I just do it. “Say it”, he says. “I want you to make me squirt” I say finally giving in. There’s a smirk on his face, like I can read his mind and he’s thinking he knew I’d give up eventually. I’m conflicted in my mind about “giving in” but I want it so fucking bad. A few seconds later I’m squirting all hover his hand. The release feels so good after being teased over and over, I’m almost breathless from it. We start fucking again. At one point he asks me if I’m going to “cum like a good girl” for him. I still replay that moment in my mind……. I don’t know if it was the intention behind what he said, the way he said it, or the look he gave me but it fucking turned me on big time! Maybe I was just as surprised at the fact that I realized I wanted to do that for him….. badly! I did cum like a “good girl” and he came with me. It was one of the deepest strongest orgasms I’d had in a while. I did not throw my clothes on, and dash out the door when finished, like my usual MO that night.

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