Vegas Baby!

Dec 06, 2016

Now that Titanic and I have established we are sexually compatible we are off to Vegas for a quick one night fast and furious trip.  He’s already there for business and I fly in to join him.  I love getting ready for my dates with Titanic.  I put a lot of thought into it and I’m always excited to see him.  There is a dangerous emotional boundary I push with this guy.  He has a good match in me because I’m pragmatic(his words, he calls me stone cold pragmatist) as hell and will keep him in check.  Even so, I know emotionally, this is a powder keg and there will be casualties.  I of course am worried about myself. Titanic is really fun, a “reformed” bad boy.  I cannot deny the chemistry, it’s crazy and sexy and fun!

I arrive and he’s at the black jack table.  We go up to the room and decide to hit the pool.  We head out and proceed to have a very direct conversation about what we are doing, how to navigate feelings etc.  I appreciate his honesty and how in touch with his feelings he is in the moment.  I go into business mode and turn most of it into a no big deal scenario.  It’s just fucking get out of your head about it I tell him.  I won’t get heady on you, I can compartmentalize things quite well.  This is used against me several times at later dates but hind sight is 20/20.

We go back to the room and start fucking, it’s hot, fast and furious.  We can’t get enough of each other.  I can not get him deep enough or close enough. All the dirty talk is such a turn on.  Titanic has a gorgeous cock and he knows how to use it. He’s a great kisser! Sometimes really sensual with me staring into my eyes and then other times he fucks me dirty.  This session was dirty….. when I want to push him over the edge I tell him to “fuck that pussy” and touch his balls.

After our quickie session we get ready and head out to dinner.  While at dinner I’m just noticing people staring at us, at first I think it’s my imagination but quickly realize we just look good together and people see the chemistry we feel…… it’s uncanny! We compliment each other physically and the vibe between us is palpable. Our dinner is fun and I love how interested in me Titanic is.  He loves to tell me his theories on me and he’s trying to figure me out.  Totally hot to me…… what woman doesn’t want to be intriguing??

After dinner we hit the black jack table and are on a winning streak. Our table is fun and filled with people who keep complimenting Titanic and myself on how we look together.  It starts with the black jack dealer telling us we are a hot couple.  Then later the pit boss stops over and makes a similar comment. People that migrate to our table are saying the same thing. I literally started to wonder if Titanic had paid these people to say this??? It was crazy…… but super hot.  I got so wet and turned on sitting there next to him. I wanted to fuck him so bad; he’s so sexy to me.  I couldn’t wait to get back to the room.

And once we did get back to the room holy shit! We practically went all night long.  We take brief breaks but Titanic has good stamina.  This go round was sensual.  A lot of looking me deep in in the eyes, sensual kissing, slow fucking, oral, spanking, hair pulling….. And I finally came.  Now I was really on a roll!

The morning we were supposed to fly out the topic of seeing other people came up….. I prefer to and he would rather I didn’t. I’m just getting back out there and I want to experience different partners.  Then I mention I have a date that night when I get back home. Not sure that was too well received.

We have extra time and I’m still horny (what’s new)  and I want  to fuck again.  He’s sitting in a chair across from the bed.  He tells me to start touching myself, which I do.  I’m rubbing my clit getting all ready for him as he watches. He tells me to take the rest of my clothes off and I do.  He flips me over and spanks me.  Gets my knees right to the edge of the bed and starts fucking me from behind…. very, very hard.  You know angry hate sex fucking, or maybe he just wants to hit that pussy one more time before someone else does.  Either way, it’s not the sensual fucking the night before.  He’s fucking me like a dirty whore and I’m loving it!

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