What's My Spirit Animal?

Dec 08, 2016

I’m drawn to Burner because he has this open minded perspective and seems very experienced even for his age…… and I’m looking for someone to teach me stuff.  Someone who can “rock my world”.  I’ll admit there are things that make me think he’s a little too “artsy” but hey if you can be a great FWB then who cares!  I was surprised after getting to know him that he seemed so “mature” and he has a nice calm energy.  And he says he’ll fuck me with “tantric energy”, and make me squirt so, hey I’m up for that!  Bring it on, I’m all about trying new things.

We go to dinner and he’s really sweet and reaching over the table, holding my hand making direct eye contact.  We’re having great conversation. We go outside and he takes me over to the edge of walkway, right next to the ocean, and kisses me.  It’s a good one!  And that’s the moment I decide I’ll go to his house.

Through the course of conversation we were talking about spirit animals and I tell him mine was a bear several years back.  He tells me your spirt animal can change.  So he gets out his “spirit animal cards”, along with some shots of tequila and tells me to shuffle.  He draws a card for me, it’s a scarab!  I’m thinking “what the fuck, I don’t want a scarab I want a bear!”  So I put the card back in the pile, he reshuffles and I pull another card……. it’s the fucking scarab again!  I’m stuck with it!

Now that the scarab factor is wearing off, and the tequila is kicking in, we move on to making out on his sofa.  He’s a good kisser and in no time the clothes are coming off.  He pushes me back on the couch and proceeds to go down on me.  He’s doing a great job and I’m impressed with his skills.  There’s only one problem, his scruffy I haven’t shaved in a few days non-beard is scratching the hell out of my clit and labia. It’s kind of cruel actually every time I get close to having an orgasm he speeds up what he’s doing and scratches me more. I keep thinking I can focus on the pleasure through the pain but eventually I give up!!

I sit up straight and and have him bring that cock right over to me.  I proceed to start sucking his cock.  Now let me say that I enjoy giving head.  And I pride myself on being good at it.  I understand that each guy is different and you have to watch for certain cues and ASK.  I love to know what they like.  Suffice it to say that I used my “leave no hand idle technique” and it was well received.  I was stroking his shaft, following my hand down to the base with my mouth and playing with his balls.  Turns out, that did it for him, and he later complimented me on giving some of the best head of his life.  I truly appreciated hearing that!

I moved back on the couch and he started to fuck me.  It was slow and rhythmic.  I had my pelvis tipped up so he could hit my gspot.  I was touching my clit trying to cum but it was scratched up from the non-beard action I had just received from him.  He then did some tantric breathing thing that I wasn’t quite following but I appreciated the effort.  The slow fucking felt really good.  I love a nice slow fuck some times; you really get to feel everything.

We then moved to me holding onto the couch while he fucked me from behind.  I love doggie and the right sized guy can make this very pleasurable…… Bingo, Burner had it going on and this was feeling amazing.  Then he slid his cock out and inserted his middle finger and forefinger.  He started moving those fingers in and out of me so fast.  I was getting so juicy and wet.  Let me say for the record, I’m always really wet.  There is no moisture problem with me.  But he produced a lot more wetness very quickly……. so something was happening although I did not feel like I was going to cum. He was trying to make me squirt.  ALOT of wetness was achieved and I knew something was going on but I did not squirt. Hey, something to look forward to!

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