Whiskey River Take My Mind

Dec 19, 2016

Whiskey and I are about to meet after a long crazy build up of phone calls and sexting!  I’m excited to see him and we are going to a little whiskey bar in a divey part of town.  When I arrive Whiskey is already there and when I see him I’m reminded why I like taller guys……. nothing wrong with him, just that he’s my height.  However, his body is very nice and I’m hoping to get a peek at his huge cock later.

He proceeds to pick out some whiskey to drink straight up for us.  This is exciting as he knows his whiskies and I’m just starting to try it.  We sit outside and talk.  He’s a really cool and I liked him from day one.  I’m not sure on the chemistry but he’s so cool so I’m working on it.

Fast forward to 1:30 am and we are checking apps for the closest hotels with vacancies.  I’m really getting excited now!  I’m ready to be touched, licked and fucked! We check in to a room and the clothes are flying off.

I always love it when a man undresses me for the firs time; gets to see my body and the sweet pussy he’s about to enjoy.  I love the look in his eyes when he sees the whole package. The passionate kiss that follows right after they’ve unwrapped their special surprise.  The way our skin feels the first time ever that it touches……. I fucking love those moments.  I get instantly wetter than I already am.  It’s starting to drip down my thigh. Whiskey starts to rub my clit while he’s kissing me.  He’s a good kisser and good with his hands, I’m loving every minute of it.  I can feel his throbbing cock through his underwear pressed up against my stomach.

Whiskey moves off the bed and takes his underwear off.  Holy shit that is a big, thick cock! Wow….. it’s impressive!  Put that inside me please!  Before I can think too much about it he pulls me down the bed a bit and starts eating my pussy.  Oh my god it feels so good!  Through my moans and squeals I’m noticing that the window shades are not drawn and anyone could see in to what we are doing….. I dont care I hope they fucking love the show.  I’m so turned on and Whiskey is amazing at oral!  He stays down there for at least 45 minutes till I’m satisfied several times over.  I’m quite loud and vocal about how good it feels and I’m talking as dirty as hell while he’s pleasuring me.

Then it’s my turn to take care of that gorgeous cock.  The size is very impressive I must say. Whiskey is in amazing shape….. He appears to have little to no body fat!  He’s just ripped, this guy is solid, well defined! I push him back on the bed by the head board.  I move up slowly to kiss him.  I’m teasing and nibbling then I get more passionate.  I’m moving my hands and my mouth down that chiseled chest and abs.  I stop and pay extra attention to his abs, licking, sucking, and nibbling.  I love to tease, knowing that all he really wants right now, is for me to take that throbbing cock in my mouth. And I finally do.

The big ones take special care, you have to go slow at first to warm up and really get your jaw relaxed.  And there’s a lot more extra square footage for your hands.  It takes coordination to manage. But I get into my rhythm, with the right amount of pressure, sucking, stroke technique, and ball play.  He’s ready to cum.  I begin stroking him like crazy to finish him off…….. it ends with a massive load of cum on his stomach! At this point its about 3:30 in the am.  He has about a 45 minute drive ahead of him and work at 8:00.  We end our session very satisfied, tired and delirious…….. in a good way!

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